Dedicated to the bad girl of Cape Suzette...
Joanna Midway

Fan Fics
A Fair to Remember

Art by Gidget

Tavern Wench

Joanna in Red

Tavern Wench
This barmaid does not take your order with a smile!  See Lily's version below too.

Joanna in Red
The former poster child of my Reviews Page

Illustrations From My Fan Fics

The Glare

Kit Down Under


The Glare - Or as I call it, "Stop touching my pilot!" -- a scene from A Fair to Remember.

Kit Down Under - A scene from Chapter 1 of A Fair to Remember.  Colored by Ted.

Bantering - Joanna and Big Al wage a battle of wits.  First official picture of Big Al McGuire.

Evil Joanna Pics

I Dream of Joannie (2003) - Why is she smiling?  By Gidget.

Chicago (2003) - with Violet (Velma Kelly), Big Al (Billy Flynn) and Joanna (Roxie Hart).  By Gidget.

Bewitched (2004) - Or is that be Bearwitched?  Joanna as Samantha Stevens.  
By Gidget.  
Sparkles courtesy of Ted.

Art by Others





Dangerous Curves

And a two-part illustration from Chapter 5 of AFTR) The picture was too large to scan at once.





Smug Joanna


Dirty Look

Laughing Bears

Sneaky Violet


Joanna the Romantic


Joanna Does Chrismas - 2002
My friend Cody drew this for me!

Joanna Arrives in Cape Suzette - Sept 2003
Jo's first appearance in AFTR

Jo and Vi discuss strategy - June 2004


Joanna lookin' real.

Joanna lookin' conniving
A birthday pic.  Gorgeous.

Kate CapSize

Joanna, lookin' perky.

Kristi Miller

A nice sketch of Joanna.  Great hair! - 2003

Joanna's opinion of bad behavior.  Beautifully rendered! - 2004



Joanna as a very *ahem* buxom barmaid! - 2005

Big Al and Joey having a party! - 2005


A birthday gift - 2006


Joanna's ready to grease and spoon 'em!

Also, Scarlet presents her theories on
Why Baloo and Becky Wouldn't Work Out as a Couple


Found by a Flapper
A scene from my fic, A Fair to Remember.


Bruisin' Bruins
 A scene from my fic, A Fair to Remember.  Go, Bears!


Joanna in Blue
I love this!  Wilson's version of Joanna Midway, my femme fatale.

For more renditions of my characters, see also Other People's Art:  Doth and Crocodile Joe.  Virtually all the art there are from AFTR... so I decided to leave those pages alone.

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