by Gidget and Cody

Disclaimer: This is just our opinions, not the final word.  Also, we tend to get sarcastic and sprinkle mild innuendo here and there.  We do not mean to offend anyone and hope that whoever reads these ravings will do so with a sense of humor.

All's Whale That Ends Whale **
When they return a runaway whale, Kit and Baloo discover that a sea park owner is mistreating his charges and must make a hard decision.

Bad Reflection on You (Parts 1 & 2)  *****
Baloo's ego rages out of control when he is given the 'Best Pilot in the World' award.

Balooest of the Bluebloods
Baloo discovers that he is the long-lost thirteenth Baron of Bruinwald and  inherits a castle.  Of course, barons don't have jobs so... bye-bye, Becky!  But there's something he doesn't yet realize... that the barons have all had fatal 'accidents'.

Baloo Switcheroo, A
Professor O'Bowens, an archaeologist, needs Baloo and Kit's help in keeping a dangerous idol out of the wrong hands.  Can you say 'Freaky Friday'?  I knew you could!  

Baloo Thunder
An industrial spy in Khan Enterprises frames eccentric inventor Buzz, an old friend of Baloo's. 

Bearly Alive
Baloo finds out that he doesn't have long to live and decides to fulfill a dream before the end.

Bigger They Are, The Louder They Oink, The
Rebecca buys a pig and drags the boys on a truffle hunt.

Bringing Down Babyface
Transferring a dangerous criminal gets Baloo into hot water.  And into a sharp suit!

Bullethead Baloo
Baloo dresses up as Bullethead, a comic book hero, in order to impress Kit and the Jungle Jerks... er, Aces.

Baloo meets his boyhood idol, Rick Skye.

Captains Outrageous **
Kit tries to help a hopeless mama's boy be accepted into the Jungle Aces.  

Citizen Khan ***
Baloo, Kit and Wildcat are stranded in an Old West mining town and find themselves at the mercy of crooked lawmen.   Wildcat meets the lovely Clementine.  

Destiny Rides Again
An old fortune teller predicts Baloo's destiny --- and he doesn't like it!

Double or Nothing
Baloo's attempt to raise money to replace a rare record is more trouble than it's worth.

Feminine Air  **** 
Cool Hands Luke, a chauvinistic pilot, causes trouble for Higher for Hire.

Flight of the Snow Duck, The  **
Molly's desire to see snow lands her and Wildcat in a Thembrian prison.  

Flight School Confidential  *****
When Baloo laughs at the idea of a 12-year-old pilot, Kit angrily leaves to join a Thembrian flying school --- where his youth is no obstacle. 

Flying Dupes
Baloo must stop a bomb from being delivered to the Grand High Marshall --- and fend off Spigot's amorous advances.  Don't ask.

For a Fuel Dollars More
Rebecca decides to open a mid-air refueling service, with disastrous results.

For Whom the Bell Klangs (Parts 1 & 2) ***** 
Baloo and Louie meet Katie Dodd, a beautiful archaeologist and find themselves battling robed assassins and their mysterious leader in a Raiders-type adventure.

From Here to Machinery ****

Khan purchases robots to replace pilots everywhere.

Golden Sprocket of Friendship
Baloo and Kit sell hot dogs at the Friendship Festival and run into Col. Spigot and Dunder, not to mention Trader Moe and da Goons!

Gruel and Unusual Punishment 
Baloo goes to a fat farm to lose weight in time to escort Rebecca to the Pilot's Ball.

Her Chance to Dream
Rebecca meets Captain Stansbury... is he too good to be true?

Idol Rich, The
Baloo and Kit go treasure-hunting and must compete with like-minded parties --- like Col. Spigot.

I Only Have Ice for You
Baloo loses his pilot's license, so Rebecca decides to learn to fly --- with the help of a manual aptly called, Learn to Fly in Three Easy Lessons.

Incredible Shrinking Molly, The * 
A little B&E gets Molly shrunk.

In Search of Ancient Blunders
Baloo and Wildcat help Myra Foxworthy, yet another vixen archaeologist on a quest for a mummy.

It Came From Beneath the Sea Duck ****
Kit's adventures in babysitting include battling Don Karnage and a squid.

Jolly Molly Christmas
Molly's faith in Santa Claus is shaken, so Baloo sets out to prove the Fat One's existence.

Jumping the Guns
Baloo, Louie and crusty old Barney band together to keep the pirates from entering Cape Suzette.

Last Horizons
To prove that he's a 'somebody' and to get a parade, Baloo finds the lost city of Panda-la and inadvertently causes an invasion.

Louie's Last Stand ***
A frustrated employee of Shere Khan's plots to steal Louie's island.
Mach One for the Gipper
Ace London, Baloo's childhood rival, gleefully continues to humiliate him.

Molly Coddled ****
A suave jaguar wriggles his way into Rebecca's heart, invoking the wrath of Molly.

Mommy for a Day
Molly adopts a pet monster.

My Fair Baloo ****
When Rebecca reluctantly asks Baloo to escort her to a high society ball, she is embarrassed by his poor table manners and clumsiness.

The Old Man and the Sea Duck
A bump on the head causes Baloo to lose his memory --- including how to fly.  And just who is Joe McGee?

On a Wing and a Bear
Baloo must get his pilot's license renewed and is reunited with the dreaded 'love-to-flunk 'em Throgmorton'.

Paradise Lost
Wildcat must save a lost society of dinosaurs from becoming extinct --- again.

Pizza Pie in the Sky ** 
While Rebecca attends a business seminar, Baloo, Kit, and Louie open a pizza business.

Plunder and Lightning (Parts 1 2 3 4) *****  
The series pilot.

Polly Wants a Treasure
An obnoxious parrot makes Baloo's life hell.

Ransom of Red Chimp, The ***
When Don Karnage kidnaps Louie's man-crazy Aunt Louise, it's up to our heroes to save her --- maybe.

Road to Macadamia, The ****
Baloo and Louie find themselves surrounded by danger and intrigue after they vow to find a lost treasure to save Princess Lotta from a horrible marriage.

Save the Tiger  *****
When Baloo saves Shere Khan's life, he finds a loophole to keep the rewards coming.

Sheepskin Deep ***
Unhappy at the prospect of missing his class reunion, Baloo goes back to school.

Sound and the Furry, The * 
A shifty mechanic and her gremlins wreak havoc on the local pilots.

Spy in the Ointment, A
Rebecca and Baloo meet a self-styled James Bondian spy, Jack Case.

Star is Torn, A
The gang go to Starrywood, where they meet screen queen Kitten Kaboodle.

Stormy Weather *****
Kit runs away to join Daring Dan and his Air Circus --- breaking Baloo's heart.  

Stuck on You
Baloo and Don Karnage bond --- sort of.

Time Bandit, The
In an attempt to be paid sooner, Baloo tricks Rebecca into believing that it's Saturday, not Friday. 

Time Waits for No Bear
Fed up with Baloo's constant tardiness, Rebecca gets tough.

Touch of Glass, A  *****
Rebecca determination to upgrade her clientele (in other words, the wealthy ones) blinds her to the fact that appearances can be deceiving.

Vowel Play *****
Rebecca opens a skywriting service, much to Baloo's displeasure.   When a crime wave involving skywriting hits, Detective Thursday suspects Baloo of being a criminal mastermind.

Waiders of the Wost Tweasure ****
Baloo and Plane Jane compete to bwing back the Ruby Wings to Pwincess Gwace.

War of the Weirds ****
Baloo and Rebecca engage in a game of oneupmanship when a practical joke goes too far, attracting the attention of Col. Grogg.

Whistlestop Jackson, Legend
To his elation, Baloo meets yet another boyhood idol, then finds himself resenting him.

Your Baloo's in the Mail ****
Rebecca wins the Pazooza Sweepstakes --- $10,000 --- if Baloo mails her ticket in time.

For more in-jokes and goofs, see Baloopers.

Disclaimer:  I only listed the comics containing TaleSpin, and I think I'm only missing Volumes 2 and 3 (Dec 90 and Jan 91).  Sorry, but I cannot scan pages or sell these.  Too much work.

Plunder and Lightning (4-part series adapted from the original pilot episode)
#1 - Baloo
#2 - Kit
#3 - Shere Khan
#4 - Don Karnage

TaleSpin Comics
(7 issues)

#1 - Flight of the Skyraker; Pt. 2 -- "The Plane Facts!"
#2 - Flight of the Skyraker; Pt. 2 --  Operation:  Ravenwood!"
#3 - Idiots Aboard!
#4 - Contractual Desperation!
#5 - The Old Man and The Sea Duck (adapted from the episode)
#6 - F'reeze a Jolly Good Fellow (includes interview with Jim Cummings)
#7 - The Long Flight Home

The Skyraker
(reprints of TS #1 & 2)

Walt Disney's Holiday Parade
Winter #1 - Shine a Little Light

Colossal Comics (TS comics only - mostly reprints)
#2 - Louie's Restorante (reprinted from DA Vol. 1, #1)

#3 - 5 stories: 
Little Plane of Horrors
Congratulations, You Have Just Won...
The Why of the Beholder (short)
A Night on the Town
Pirate for a Day (I suspect that this reprinted from either DA Vol. 1, #2 or 3)

#5 - The Volcano of Gold! (an original story, translated from French) -

#6 - 2 stories:
Catch of the Day
Voodoo Baloo (reprinted)

#7 - The Rise of the Pillager Queen (reprinted)
#8 - Kung Fu Mistress (reprinted)
#9 - The Dogs of War (reprinted)
#10 - The Ruby Monkey Head (reprinted)

Disney Afternoon
(I've got a few comics somewhere)

Ghost Ship (A Golden Book)
Drumming Up Business (Read-and-Listen Book)
The Seeds of Victory (Read-and-Listen Book)

Disney Adventures

Issue  Cover  Title  Plot 
Nov 90, Vol. 1, #1


Rick Moranis & Baloo


Louie's Ristorante


Baloo takes Rebecca to Louie's for the first time.


Feb 91, Vol 1, #4


Bob Saget & Baby Herman


Little Plane of Horrors


Baloo forget Rebecca's  birthday and buys her a dangerous present.


Mar 91, Vol 1, #5


John Candy/Baloo


A Piece of da Action


Louie is victimized by a protection racket.


Apr 91, Vol. 1, #6


Weird Al Yankovic


Congratulations, You Have Just Won


Rebecca wins a crappy vacation.


May 91, Vol. 1, #7


Joe Montana/Goofy


Kung-Fu Mistress


After an attempted robbery, Rebecca takes lessons in self-defense.


June 91, Vol 1, #8


Bronson Pinchot & the Rescue Rangers


Voodoo Baloo


With voodoo, could Baloo become the perfect employee? 


July 91, Vol. 1, #9


The Rocketeer


Ruby Monkey Head


Baloo and Kit have a run-in with natives and Don Karnage.


Aug 91, Vol. 1, #10


Hulk Hogan 


A Night on the Town


B&B go out to dinner while Kit takes the Duck and Molly joyriding.


Sept 91, Vol. 1, #11


Macaulay Culkin/Ursula


1.  It's a Plunderful Life

2.  Catch of the Day (short)


1.  IAPL:  Karnage

2.  COTD:  Karnage interrupts the H4H gang's fishing trip.


Oct 91, Vol. 1, #12


Neil Patrick Harris & Donald's Nephews


The Rise of the Pillager Queen


Spigot enlists Baloo and Kit in a treasure hunt and run into Karnage.


Nov 91, Vol. 2, #13


Michael Bolton


Dogs of War


Baloo and Kit are captured by Hounslanders.


Dec 91, Vol. 2, #2


Paula Abdul


Danger With Danger Woman


Baloo and Kit get stuck babysitting Rebecca's demon spawn.


Feb 92, Vol. 2, #4 


Dinosaurs (series) 


Flim Flam Flyboy


A cocky young man hires Baloo as a flying instructor.


Mar 92, Vol. 2, #5


Candace Cameron & Baloo


The Gates of Shambhala
Pt 1:  The Silver Tongue


An old friend of Khan's hires H4H to accompany him on an expedition.


Apr 92, Vol. 2, #6


Jason Priestly and Jessica Rabbit


The Gates of Shambhala
Pt. 2:  Idol Chatter


The pirates cause trouble for the expedition.


May 92, Vol. 2, #7


Arnold Schwarzenegger


The Gates of Shambhala
Pt. 3:  The Voice of Wisdom


Shambhala... at last.


June 92, V. 2, #20


Steve Urkel


Knight Fright


Baloo and Kit meet a dragon.


Aug 92, V. 2, #22


Rick Moranis 
& Baby Herman


1.  A Fitting Display (short)

2.  The Nearly Last Wave


1.  AFD:  Karnage preens before the mirror.

2.  TNLW:  Karnage's Wavemaker causes tidal waves, flooding Louie's island. 


Jan 93, V. 3, #3


Kris Kross/Max


For Emergencies Only (short)


B&B do a flight check.


Mar 93, V. 3, #5 Tim Allan & Pete The Girl From Pango-Pango Kit meets a cute little girl with a secret and Baloo's comeback as 'Iron Paws' isn't what he expects.
Nov 93, V. 4, #1


Addams Family & Cruella DeVille


Baloo's First Plane


Baloo tries to buy back his first plane.


Mar 94, V. 4, #5


Dean Cain/Beagle Boys


A Weighty Matter (short)


Becky threatens to put Baloo on a strict diet.


Apr 94, V. 4, #6


Power Rangers


Last Rights (short)


The pirates fight over the last piece of cake.


June 94, V. 4, #8


John Goodman/Baloo


Bye Bye Sea Duck


A mad scientist shanghais the Duck for spare parts.


July 94, Vol. 4, #9


Daniel Stern/Goofy


The Legend of the Chaos God, Part 1


Rebecca is possessed!


Nov 94, Vol. 5, #1
Collector's Issue (#50)


Goliath (Gargoyles)


True Baloo


Khan hires H4H to find the Mirror of Truth.


Feb 95, Vol. 5, #4


X-Men (cartoon)


All in Your P.O.V. (short)


Baloo has trouble landing a fish.


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