What I think would be a fun Wildcat quote:  

"If you steal someone’s ashes, is that kidnapping?"


Status of Projects-in-Progress (in limbo)

Gave Elite Eight page a face lift and scanned mug shots of the main characters (Baloo, Rebecca, Kit, Molly, Wildcat, Louie, Karnage and Shere Khan).  Scanned from a coloring book and altered from cut-out finger puppets to their present glory.  Kit, Rebecca and Shere Khan's pictures are hyperlinked to their bios and me and Cody are currently working on the others.   It's almost finished... just a couple more characters to go!
Louie bio (Cody)  

Gidget's Characters bios are being revised, with some getting their own page.

Only Joanna, Pearl and Violet are up so far.  I intend to rewrite their biographies sometime too. Preview of new page for Gidget's Characters (similar to 'Elite Eight') Under construction.

Gruel and Unusual Punishment by Gidget
Lost Horizons by Gidget
Jumping the Guns by Bearcat
Time Waits for No Bear by Gidget

Characters (One-Shot)
Added: Professor Martin Torque and Prince Neverhasbeenbroke

I Only Have Ice for You by Gidget


July 18, 2009

Fiction by Others

Bed and Breakfast by jb: The prequel short story culminating of the characters and events to Sub-Mediterranean Seawreck Baloo!

Wa-hoo!!!  I got an award!  I got an award!  Also on the home page.  


January 2000
Baloo Lagoon officially goes online.

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